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Volosovsky municipal district


Volosovsky district is located in the southwest of Leningrad region, it borders Lomonosovsky, Gatchinsky, Luzhsky, Slantsevsky and Kingiseppsky districts. 

Distance to Saint Petersburg: 80 km

Administrative centre: Volosovo

Area: 2,700 km2

Population: 51,778 people (urban population – 22.8%, rural population – 77.2%)

Infrastructure: Volosovsky district is located close to the main motorways of the country and this makes it convenient and accessible in terms of transport. Federal  motorway M11 (Narva) Saint Petersburg – Ivangorod (European route E20) intersects the district from the west to the east. Federal motorway M20 (E95) Saint Petersburg – Pskov and a highway Russia M10 (E105) Moscow – Saint Petersburg are situated close to Volosovsky district. The district has a well-developed inner roads network. Strategically important railway main line Mga – Gatchina – Ivangorod with a connection to Ust-Luga passes the territory of the district.

Economy: the industry of the district is developing steadily, the turnover of industrial enterprises in Volosovsky district is growing. The following most important types of industrial goods are produced in the district: whole milk and fermented milk products, bread and bakery products, confectionery, timber and products made of it, aerated concrete wall blocks, dry mixes, furniture, paints and varnishes, medical equipment and instruments, thermal energy, water supply and wastewater disposal, organization of waste collection and recycling. The products made by manufacturing industry occupy the main share in the structure of industrial production

The leading branch of the economy in Volosovsky municipal district is agriculture. By the end of 2019 its share in the total volume of produced goods, work and services by the enterprises and organizations of the district was more than 25.2% or 4,039.9 million rubles.

Large enterprises:

  • Volosovsky Bread-baking Complex – production of bread and bakery products 
  • Dairy Products – production of milk and dairy products
  • Leningradskaya Confectionery Factory – production of cocoa, chocolate and sugar confectionery
  • Alternative Science – production of medical equipment
  • Heating Grid, a branch office of Volosovsk Utilities – production of heat and hot water 
  • LSR.Wall Materials – production of concrete goods for construction
  • EcoService – water intake purification and distribution
  • Profspectrans – recycling of sorted materials
  • VMP – production of plastic goods
  • Dieselzipservice – repair of machinery and equipment
  • Kingiseppsky Machine Building Plant – repair of machinery and equipment

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